Old/New Model Comparison



Throughout the years, Nakashimada has brought in new technologies and designs leading to new model series.

Here are a model comparison for old and new Nakashimada machines available:

1D2B Series Old Model New Model
H (Header) Series NS (New Single-Die)
4.0mm NH15 NS40 / NS41
6.0mm H20 NS60 /NS61
8.0mm H25 NS80
10.0mm H30 NS100
12.0mm H40 NS121
2D3B Series Old Model New Model
PF (Part Former) Series NP (New Part-former)
4.0mm PF420 NP40
6.0mm PF630 NP60
8.0mm PF860 NP81
10.0mm PF1080 NP100
12.0mm PF1280 NP121
16.0mm PF1600 NP160
Micro Series Old Model New Model
H / PF Series MH / MF Series
2.5mm H05 MH05
3.5mm H10 MH10
2.5mm PF210 MF220 (2 Die / 2mm)
2.5mm MF420 (4 Die / 2mm)
6.0mm MF460 (4 Die / 6mm)
Multi-Station Series Old Model New Model
TH (Transfer Header) MST (Multi-Station Transfer)
6.0mm TH4-6 (4D4B / 6mm) (MST406, if available)
8.0mm TH4-8 (4D4B / 8mm) MST408 (4D4B / 8mm)
6.0mm TH5-6 (5D5B / 6mm) MST506 (5D5B / 6mm)
8.0mm (TH5-8, if available) MST508 (5D5B / 8mm)
6.0mm (TH6-6, if available) MST606 (6D6B / 6mm)
8.0mm (TH6-8, if available) MST608 (6D6B / 8mm)


You are welcome to talk to us which particular model you are looking for and we will try our best to locate one for you.  Talk to us.

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