Trustworthy Partner

Trustworthiness + Reliability = Value

Searching for a good used machine among a sea of dodgy ones can be more frustrating than finding your way through the intricate Tokyo subway network.

You need  a trustworthy and reliable partner who understands the value of your time and money to do the job for you.

We partner with Nakashimada to look for the more reliable used machines available in the market.   Most of our stock comes from Japan where these machines are treated and kept in good conditions by their previous owners over the years.

We are confident that customers who bought a used equipment from us would realise the value of a good vintage Nakashimada cold header.  In many cases, they will either come back for more or  become more confident in investing in a new machine from Nakashimada.

Soma, as always, is the trusted source for used Nakashimada machines.

Tell us what machine model you are looking for.


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